Danish campaign suggests that everyone “Stick a Cork in it” on October 11th

Check out this article “Annual fall anti-drinking campaign underway” (October 3, 2012) in The Copenhagen Post on a low risk drinking campaign in Denmark.

The Danish national health board, Sundhedsstyrelsen, has been running an annual fall campaign with print, TV and billboard ads to promote moderate drinking.

Sundhedsstyrelsen suggests that women should drink no more than 7 drinks per week and that men should drink no more than 14 drinks a week.

This year, the campaign has a focus on the link between cancer and alcohol, including detailed information on breast cancer.

In terms of alcohol use during pregnancy, the campaign website recommends that women who are pregnant or trying to conceive avoid alcohol. “There is no lower limit for maternal consumption of alcohol during which it is safe to say that alcohol consumption will be harmless to the fetus.”

As a way of supporting the campaign, Sundhedsstyrelsen is asking that everyone  ‘Stick a Cork in it” on Thursday, October 11th and completely abstain from drinking.

Check out this article on the 2009 campaign which focused on youth ages 16-25. You can also take a look at the World Health Organization’s alcohol and health profile on Denmark here.

For more on low-risk drinking/moderation campaigns in other countries, see previous posts:

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