Alcohol Think Again Campaign in Western Australia

Sex differences highlighted

The Alcohol. Think Again Campaign aims to decrease alcohol-related harm by changing the drinking culture in Western Australia to support safer drinking environments and practices.

The campaign has had different stages and different focuses. Recent aspects of the campaign have focused on:

  • No Alcohol in Pregnancy is the Safest Choice
  • Strong Spirit Strong Future
  • Tolerance of Drunken Behaviour
  • Alcohol and Cancer

It’s great to see that the campaigns are considering the different effects of alcohol on men versus women and/or targeting messages at men vs. women.

The No Alcohol During Pregnancy is the Safest Choice Campaign was launched on Sunday 17 June 2012. The campaign has an abstinence message: “There is no amount of alcohol during pregnancy that has been proven to be safe. No alcohol during pregnancy is the safest choice.” Over the next six weeks, the government will be spending $350,000 on an online and television campaign.

View the 60 second and 30 second TV ads here. To take a look at resources on pregnancy and alcohol developed by the Australian Department of Health, click here. Read news coverage on the campaign here and here.

For more on FASD prevention in Australia, see previous posts:

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