Pan-European campaign to support alcohol warning labels

Postcard from a campaign by the European FASD Alliance supporting labels on alcohol beverages to warn women not to consume alcohol during pregnancy.

Last fall, 15,000 postcards were reportedly sent to national and EU health ministers and policymakers throughout Europe.

The postcards show outlines of bottles of alcoholic drinks with stickers provided to stick onto the bottles. The pictogram is the same one that is mandatory on alcoholic beverages sold in France. (See an earlier post, FASD Prevention in France, May 12, 2011). In other countries, some beverages have warning labels and others don’t. The group states: “We believe that all European women have the right to know of the dangers of drinking during pregnancy. We support standardized, mandatory health warning labels on containers of alcoholic drinks and on advertisements for these products.”

The European FASD Alliance includes organizations and individuals in over 20 European countries. Visit their website here for more information about the campaign (including links to Facebook and Twitter so you can follow the progress of the campaign).

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