Scientific American article on women and alcohol

Dirk Hanson has written a great piece for the magazine Scientific American on how women experience the consequences of alcohol misuse differently than men and how this often requires different treatment approaches. Read the article Women’s Response to Alcohol Suggests Need for Gender-Specific Treatment Programs (December 16, 2011) on the Scientific American website here.

Hanson reports on the growing body of research supporting treatment approaches specifically for women. For those of you who have worked in the FASD prevention field for a while, this is great to see as it supports what you’ve been seeing in practice for years. Women-only treatment programs are often threatened with closure when funding cuts and changes are made so hopefully this body of research will help build a case for not only keeping existing programs but continuing to expand the range of treatment options available to women.

Hanson is a freelance science reporter and author and has written extensively on the subject of addiction. He has a wonderful blog called the Addiction Inbox: The Science of Substance Abuse and is a frequent contributor to the recovery website The Fix.