Oh Sh*t, I’m Pregnant…Your Guide to Being Pregnant on the Street

Publication from the Edmonton Streetworks Program

The Streetworks Program in Edmonton has an amazing resource for pregnant women living in an inner city context. (For more on the program, visit the website or see an earlier post Streetworks’ Supports for Homeless Pregnant Women project).

This 50 page guide to pregnancy for women who are street-involved covers everything from prenatal care (e.g., doctors & stuff, vitamins) to food to harm reduction information on using while pregnant to getting ready for labour to taking or not taking baby home. It has tips and suggestions in the form of “Street Talk” boxes which have been developed by program staff (some of whom were once homeless and pregnant at one time) who have a good sense of what realities are for the women they work with.

In terms of information about pregnancy and alcohol, the guide says: “The safest option for your baby is to not use alcohol, cigarettes, or any drugs while you’re pregnant. What you should know is that the two worst things to use for your baby are alcohol and tobacco. Both of these have really long term effects on your baby, and the less you can use of them, the better.” There’s also a page called “The Problem with Booze.”

The resource is available in PDF on the Streetworks website and is free to download for use in educational contexts.


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