Free Webinar: Trauma Informed Approaches to FASD Prevention – June 12, 2014

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Over the past year, the BC Ministry of Health in collaboration with the BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health has been supporting educational sessions in Health Authorities across British Columbia for service providers who have the opportunity to engage with women of childbearing age on alcohol use during pregnancy and related concerns.

Service providers have included: nurses, pregnancy outreach program providers, transition housing/violence service workers, social workers, doulas, midwives, physicians, mental health workers and substance use service providers working in both Aboriginal and other communities.

Current or past experiences of trauma and violence can be a major reason why women continue to drink alcohol during pregnancy. The third webinar in this series will examine trauma-informed approaches to FASD prevention. (For more on alcohol, pregnancy and trauma-informed practice, check out this section of the Coalescing on Women and Substance use website)

Thursday, June 12, 2014
9:00 – 10:00 am (PDT)
Presenters: Nancy Poole, Cristine Urquhart, Frances Jasiura

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The Essentials of …. Women and Problematic Substance Use

'Canadian Network of Substance Abuse and Allied Professionals'

The Canadian Network of Substance Abuse and Allied Professionals has a series of resources or “toolkits” for professionals.

The latest toolkit is on “The Essentials of … Women and Problematic Substance Use” which is a four page overview of the unique aspects of women and substance use and implications for allied professionals. The toolkit was written by Colleen Ann Dell from the University of Saskatchewan. (You can also check out a previous post on work she has done related to Aboriginal women and healing from illicit substance use here).

Other resources that might be of interest include: