Circle of Life Mentorship Program in Terrace, British Columbia

'Terrace Standard - Program works to reduce FASD'

Check out this news article “Program Works to Reduce FASD” in the Terrace Standard (May 21, 2013) which interviews NAT member, Lisa Lawley, about her work with the Circle of Life Mentorship Program.

In the article, Lisa describes the Circle of Life Mentorship program which runs out of the Kermode Friendship Society. The program has been running for three years and supports women who struggle with drug or alcohol misuse and who are in their child bearing years.

The program works from a harm reduction perspective and supports women with not only addressing their substance misuse but also parenting, family planning, budgeting, time management, mediation and referral to community services, or anything else they identify as important to reaching their goals. Lisa also describes her experiences as a mother of three children with FASD.

Lisa was a speaker at the 5th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Vancouver, BC in February 2013. Check out the video clip here.