Alcohol and Pregnancy: Warning Signage Information Kit for Local Governments from British Columbia


The government of British Columbia recently released Alcohol and Pregnancy: Warning Signage Information Kit for Local Governments in British Columbia.

Over the past decade, several B.C. municipalities have passed bylaws under the Community Charter Act requiring alcohol retailers to post point-of-sale FASD warning or prevention signs.

Point-of-sale prevention messages can be helpful in:

  1. Influencing knowledge and levels of awareness, changing attitudes and beliefs, and (with sufficient exposure) reducing risk behaviours;
  2. Encouraging information seeking;
  3. Conveying information about how to make positive change;
  4. Indicating where to receive support and services; and
  5. Encouraging people who already know the facts.

This new resource provides city councils with information about the rationale for point-of-purchase FASD warning and prevention sign bylaws and discusses the form and types of messages that can be effective, including
examples of recommended messages designed to help prevent/reduce drinking in pregnancy and promote health among women of childbearing ages.

While intended for a local audience, the information about effective messaging as well as issues such as visibility, recall, and comprehension of signs will be helpful for anyone involved in developing FASD awareness materials. Appendix 3 is especially valuable with a discussion of alcohol and pregnancy messages for women at different levels of risk.

The resource can be downloaded from the BC government website.

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