Be With Child Without Alcohol

The With Child Without Alcohol website was developed by Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries with the support of Healthy Child Manitoba. (Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries is part of the provincial government and responsible for the distribution and sale of alcohol, including social responsibility initiatives).

The website describes FASD as a shared responsibility with an emphasis on the idea that “It takes a village to have a healthy pregnancy.”

Be With Child Without Alcohol was developed to provide women and the villages in their lives with information about alcohol use during pregnancy to help them prevent alcohol-related disabilities like Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Together we can help prevent FASD.


The website includes information about alcohol and pregnancy, FASD, pregnancy and addiction, and where to find support.

Information on the website is available as a downloadable guide – in four languages: English, French, Cree and Ojibway.

cree booklet

French booklet

English booklet