Power for the Future: The Role of Native American Women in FASD Prevention

'First Peoples Worldwide

First Peoples Worldwide is an international organization dedicated to promoting Indigenous economic determination and strengthening Indigenous communities through asset control and the dissemination of knowledge. Britnae Purdy recently wrote an article on the organization’s blog called “Alcoholism, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and the Native American Woman” (August 14, 2014).

The article discusses the introduction of alcohol in Native American communities, the prevalence of alcohol misuse in certain communities, the causes and effects of FASD, and approaches to intervention.

The article ends with a call for action and suggests some of the unique ways  Native American women can be involved in supporting the health of their communities and preventing FASD.

Read the article here. For more on the role of indigenous women in FASD prevention, see earlier posts:

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