Caregiver Curriculum on FASD

The Caregiver Curriculum on FASD was developed to provide a venue for caregivers including foster parents, families, kinship care, youth and child care workers, child welfare services, and others trying to understand and cope with many of the life challenges faced by children with FASD.

The resource is available online as Powerpoint files and in PDF format and is intended to be shared and used as widely as possible. While developed in Canada, it is intended to be useful to any caregiver or program that serves children and families living with FASD internationally.

  • Module 1: The Impact of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
  • Module 2: Understanding FASD as a Disability for Children in Care
  • Module 3: Caregiver Self-Care
  • Module 4: FASD and Behaviour
  • Module 5: Special Topics (Grief and Loss)
  • Module 6: Working with Professionals

The curriculum was developed through a research grant from the Public Health Agency of Canada. The grant also supported the development of the website and a tri-province study in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario of the prevalence of FASD in child welfare systems.

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