Manual for Counselors in Native American Communities

Native American MI Manual

Motivational Interviewing was developed by William R. Miller, PhD and Stephen Rollnick, PhD. It is a client-centred counselling approach that seeks to enhance an individual’s capacity to change.

It was originally developed as an approach for addressing problem drinking, but has been shown to effective in addressing change in a range of substance use and health-related areas. Motivational interviewing is often a key approach in many FASD prevention interventions.

Native American Motivational Interviewing: Weaving Native American and Western Practices is a resource that focuses on using motivational interviewing with Native American clients struggling with alcohol abuse or dependence. It can also be helpful for anyone who is just learning to use motivational interviewing approaches and is designed for counselors of any ethnic background.

The manual can be downloaded from the Motivational Interviewing website here or the Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addictions website here.

For more on motivational interviewing, see an earlier post: Brief Interventions to Decrease Alcohol Misuse in Women  (November 26, 2013).