Moms on the Margins series in the The Tyee

The Price of Pregnancy for BC's Marginalized Moms

The Tyee, an independent online Canadian news magazine, published the first of a three part series today.

The Moms on the Margins series provides a glimpse into the challenges that inequalities in social determinants of health such as poverty, a lack of housing and education, structural and institutionalized forms of discrimination, racism and food insecurity, create for three groups of vulnerable mothers: moms involved in the criminal justice system, moms battling addiction, and moms giving birth in B.C. without the benefit of health insurance.

The first part exploring pregnancy and mothering issues for moms in prison was published today. Next Friday, the second part will look at the lives of substance-using mothers and pregnant women who face stigmatization and multiple barriers in accessing support and treatment.

A Win for Moms with Babies Behind Bars

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