Rethink Your Drinking campaign from southwestern Ontario


Rethink Your Drinking is an awareness campaign from nine health units in southwestern Ontario.

Based on Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines, the campaign does not encourage individuals to stop drinking but rather to rethink their drinking and find a healthier relationship with alcohol.

The website includes downloadable posters and fact sheets on different aspects of the guidelines. “Size Matters” helps individuals to understand what is a standard drink. “Time Matters” describes the importance of spacing drinks and drinking slowly. “Choice Matters” describes impairment, injury and alcohol myths. “Sex Matters” looks at sex-specific differences in the guidelines and why women are more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol. “Everything Matters” examines the long-term risk of alcohol use including stroke, cancer and other chronic disease.

The Rethink Your Drinking website has a section specific to women. (The Low Risk Drinking Guidelines have different suggested limits for women and men and suggest avoiding alcohol altogether when pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or about to breastfeed).

For more on Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines, see previous posts:

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