Strong Spirit Strong Future campaign in Western Australia

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The Strong Spirit Strong Future- Promoting Healthy Women and Pregnancies project in Western Australia started in 2010 and will continue until June 2014.

This FASD prevention project has included the development of culturally secure resources, community awareness media campaign, and training and education for health professionals and other workers.

You can take a look at several of the video and radio advertisements that have been created as part of this project by visiting the Drug and Alcohol Office of Western Australia website. Target audiences have included women, men, and the general community and have been designed for rural and urban audiences.

The Strong Spirit, Strong Future campaign is part of the larger Western Australian Alcohol Think Again campaign which aims to reduce alcohol-related harm by changing the drinking culture in Western Australia.

The campaign builds upon the Aboriginal Inner Spirit Model (Ngarlu Assessment Model) developed by Joesph ‘Nipper’ Roe, who belonged to the Karajarri and Yawuru people.

“Strong Spirit Strong Mind promotes the uniqueness of Aboriginal culture as a central strength in guiding efforts to manage and reduce alcohol and other-drug related harm in Aboriginal communities.”


For more on FASD prevention with indigenous communities in Western Australia, see earlier posts:

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