“All-island” Alcohol and Pregnancy Pocket-guide from Ireland

Pages from Alcohol.Preg PDF 06.09.13

The organization Cooperation And Working Together (CAWT) recently published a pocket-sized guide called Think Before You Drink.

CAWT is a cross border health and social care partnership between health agencies in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. CAWT was established in 1992 with the signing of the Ballyconnell Agreement. Since then, the organization has run projects, programs and services in the border region related to alcohol, eating disorders, obesity, diabetes, and acute hospital care.

CAWT’s Alcohol Project focuses on early intervention initiatives within health care services, community mobilization and the delivery of a Strengthening Families programme.

Recently, the Western Health and Social Care Trust has developed and implemented a prenatal alcohol screening and referral pathway. To date,  750 pregnant women have been screened in the Western Trust area.

The newly Think Before You Drink guide is considered the first “all-island” publication on alcohol and pregnancy.

The nine-page guide answers questions such as:  Can I drink alcohol when I’m pregnant? What if I have been drinking alcohol before I knew I was pregnant? How does alcohol affect the unborn baby? It also describes FAS and FASD.

See the press release here (September 6, 2013) and the press coverage in the Londonberry Sentinel, Boozing during pregnancy danger booklet launched (September 6, 2013).

Cross border region between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Image via www.cawt.com
Cross border region between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Image via http://www.cawt.com

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