Getting Ready for International FASD Awareness Day in Saskatchewan

Communities across the province of Saskatchewan prepare for FASD Awareness Day on September 9th

FASD Let's talk about it

In May 2013, the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute coordinated a telephone meeting with participants across the province of Saskatchewan to initiate plans for International FASD Awareness Day. The group chose “FASD: Let’s talk about it” as the theme for 2013.

The Prevention Institute has been available to provide assistance or answer questions from communities and organizations in the province. The Institute has printed yellow T-shirts with “FASD: Let’s talk about it” in purple. The T-shirts were distributed to 31 communities, Tribal Councils and organizations throughout the province as part of an Awareness Day Package.

The package also included FASD: Know the Facts cards, No Thanks, I’m Pregnant posters, Hammered booklets, the new Hammered: After Party magazine, fetal development charts, and information about the FASD Speakers’ Bureau. (You can download many of these resources from the SPI website).


The Prevention Institute has also just printed 3000 tent cards with the “No thanks, I’m pregnant” caption. These cards are intended to be placed in restaurants, bars, schools, SIAST, and University cafeterias and other locations. You can also check out a newly developed Awareness Day brochure here as well as postings on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn about Awareness Day.

No thanks - beer

No thanks -wine

You can learn more about FASD prevention activities by the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute in this presentation by Marlene Dray and Bev Drew at the 5th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in February 2013.

For more on FASD prevention in Saskatchewan, see earlier posts:

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