Alberta Cross Ministry Initiative

The FASD Alberta Cross Ministry Initiative has a new website. The site profiles ongoing work by the Government of Alberta and many community partners to improve outcomes for people of all ages who are living with FASD in Alberta.

The website includes:

  • Access to the FASD Learning Series, with a new archived section that allows you to search for sessions on specific topics or by presenter
  • A discussion forum where you can ask questions about FASD and share  stories and experiences
  • Upcoming FASD-related events that are happening across Alberta
  • Iinformation about FASD and how it affects people living with FASD, their families and caregivers, and the community

The Healthy Pregnancies section has a page called “Preventing FASD at Pregnancy” which does a fantastic job of summarizing what is known about the lives of women who are at risk of having problems with their pregnancy because of substance abuse. It discusses why some women use substances during their pregnancy and effective approaches for working with women by health and social service providers.