The rise of binge drinking among women – CBC Radio podcast

The rise of binge drinking among women

Yesterday’s episode of The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti took a look at how women’s rates of alcohol consumption, while still lower than men, are continuing to increase.

You can listen to the 27 minute podcast here which explores sex differences in the effects of alcohol on men and women, changes in alcohol marketing, and women’s personal experiences with alcohol use. FASD is discussed later in the program as one possible unintended consequence of alcohol use.

Tremonti interviews Gerald Thomas from the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, writer Jen McNeely,  David Jernigan from the Center for Alcohol Marketing and Youth studies at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, journalist Ann Dowsett Johnston (check out her series on women and alcohol here), and Cocktail Deeva, Dee Brun.

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