An invitation to participate

fasdchildwelfare_ca is a Canadian FASD and Child Welfare Community of Practice. This group focuses on child welfare-specific topics, issues, and research related to FASD.

The website emerged out of a research project called “A Tri-Provincial Initiative to Expand Understanding of Costs, Services & Prevention of a Public Health Issue: FASD and Children/Youth in Care” that was funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

The research team is now building on their findings and gathering a group of people locally, provincially, nationally and internationally with an interest in discussing and sharing thoughts, experiences, and knowledge related to practice and services to children and youth with FASD

The team is looking for premium, featured and spotlight bloggers:

  • Premium bloggers – submit one article per month (300-500 words) or more
  • Featured bloggers – submit one article quarterly (or more)
  • Spotlight bloggers – submit one-time or periodic articles on a particular area of interest

Blog topics should be connected to FASD and child welfare practice in some way.  Suggested topics include professional issues, family concerns, assessment, diagnosis, challenges, mentorship or psychosocial issues. If you are interested, contact