Girls, Women and Alcohol: Making Informed Choices resource from Healthy Child Manitoba

FASD prevention resource from the Government of Manitoba

Pages from alcohol_women

Healthy Child Manitoba has developed a resource called Girls, Women and Alcohol: Making Informed Choices which is designed to help women make healthy and well-informed choices about their alcohol use. The resource was written and reviewed by women for women to provide useful information about alcohol.

The resource is 16 pages and has six sections:

  1. Low Risk Drinking
  2. Risks of Heavy Drinking
  3. Individual Responses to Alcohol
  4. Other Factors
  5. Support for People Close to You
  6. Resources

The resource states: “There is no known safe amount of alcohol, at any stage of pregnancy, that will completely prevent the risk of having a child with FASD.”  (p. 10)

This is a great resource as it’s not focused solely on health risks of alcohol or intended to stop women from drinking alcohol. Instead, it focuses on factors and issues that women might consider in making healthy decisions for themselves.

Pages from alcohol_women-2Pages from alcohol_women-3

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