Debates about ending alcohol bans in Aboriginal communities in Queensland, Australia

There have been recent debates about lifting alcohol bans in Aboriginal communities in Queensland, Australia. The governments in Queensland and Northern Territories have proposed to lift “grog bans” based on the idea that Aborigines should have the same rights as all Australians, including the right to drink.

This news clip interviews indigenous academic, Marcia Langton, who says the evidence supports keeping restrictions in place. “The fact of the matter is is that all Australians are subject to alcohol restrictions in one form or another. We can’t go and buy alcohol at any time of the day or night. There are restrictions on hours. There are restrictions everywhere in Australia now on drinking in public places and specified places. So, it is not true that Aborigines are the only people who are subject to restrictions on alcohol.”

For more on the history of alcohol bans in Queensland, check out this news article Bans on alcohol spawn generation of lucky children (The Australian, October 13, 2012).

For more on local alcohol policies and FASD prevention, see earlier posts:

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