GWAP is 2 years old today!

Top Posts for the Year

Yes, that’s right, the Girls, Women, Alcohol, and Pregnancy blog is 2 years old today!

Thank you to everyone who reads our blog for your continuing support.

Just in case you’re interested, here are the top 10 most viewed posts since July 2011.

  1. FASD Prevention in France
  2. FASD Prevention in South Africa
  3. Postcolonial Theory for Beginners
  4. Pregnancy and Alcohol Brochure for Aboriginal Families
  5. FASD Prevention 101
  6. Alcohol Marketing in the 21st Century
  7. Mocktails, anyone?
  8. Politics of alcohol warning labels: Australia and Canada
  9. FASD Initiatives in Western Australia
  10. Are shock tactics effective?

It’s a pretty random assortment. Some of my favorite posts for the year (based on newsworthiness, interest, and other unquantifiable factors) are:

  1. New mothers reluctant to participate in voluntary meconium testing pilot program
  2. FASD Prevention in Kimmirut, Nunavut
  3. Alcohol and Pregnancy Infographic
  4. FASD Awareness Day 2011
  5. Alcohol and pregnancy – how is the evidence shaping up?

See last year’s birthday post here.

Please feel free to leave us a comment every now and then and let us know what you find helpful or interesting or whatever else is on your mind. We don’t mind a little controversy, really….

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