“No Alcohol, No Risk” Film for Midwives

NOFAS-UK releases a film on FASD awareness for midwives

NOFAS-UK has just released a 26-minute film which explores the risks associated with drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

The film follows three women over the course of a day to explore how each understands FASD: Joy, a community midwife of 30 years; Samantha, a birth mother to a child with undiagnosed FASD; Melissa,a pregnant woman who is drinking low levels of alcohol.

In terms of screening during pregnancy, the film comments:

There are assessment tools such as the AUDIT-C, T-ACE, and TWEAK.  These can aid midwives when asking difficult questions. Though many believe that it is the relationship between midwives and women that becomes the best tool for acquiring accurate information.

“Midwives should feel confident in their own skills and abilities and be able to think ‘I talk with women everyday and I know my  clients and I know how to ask them questions about their lifestyle and that it’s my role to give them information. In order to give them the information they need, I might have to ask them difficult questions.’ “

The film can be viewed on the NOFAS-UK website.  Also check out the resources for pregnant women.

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