New comic book address the issue of alcohol and pregnancy in the context  of overall wellness

The Healthy Aboriginal Network (HAN) released a new comic book on maternal child health today called It Takes a Village.

It Takes a Village is about Lara, a young mom-to-be that is visited by Danis, also a young mom. Danis teaches Lara the importance of eating healthy foods, avoiding alcohol, breastfeeding, keeping dad involved and bonding with her baby. The story was focus group tested online with health professionals and in-person with young, Aboriginal moms.

The Healthy Aboriginal Network is a non-profit that creates comic books on health and social issues for youth. As previously mentioned on the blog, they also have a comic about living with FASD called Drawing Hope which is a collection of five stories. Drawing Hope has also been made into a DVD using the voices of  youth living with FASD. You can take a peek at one of the stories, Enough Silence, on YouTube.

You can find a 30 page preview of It Takes a Village as well as  information about how to order copies on the HAN website.