The Bissell Centre in Edmonton, Alberta launched a new FASD awareness music video last week which focuses on prevention. It also describes the biological and social effects of alcohol consumption during pregnancy on individuals.

The video is called “You can choose” and starts off with:

“Can I kick it? Yes, you can!

Can I kick it? Yes, you can!

100% about prevention!”

The video was developed by PlanIt Sound and includes clients from the Centre’s Fetal Alcohol Spectrum of Services program.

As frequently discussed on this blog, messages about alcohol and pregnancy can be tricky to frame. E.g.,

  • How do we create messages that don’t overemphasize individual choice and lead to shaming and blaming of women who are unable to stop drinking alcohol during pregnancy or who drank alcohol before knowing they were pregnant?
  • What messages are effective in changing behaviour? (As yet, the research suggests that educational campaigns lead to increased awareness and not changes in behavior).
  • Should campaigns be targeted to a general audience or to specific groups of women?

This particular video asks women to consider the effects of their actions on their unborn child:

“It’s up to you, you can choose

It’s the truth, you’ve got to put down the booze

So take a stand, make your move

Get inside your baby’s shoes”

You can watch the music video and accompanying educational video on YouTube and download the ringtone from the Bissell Centre website.

Watch the Global TV news coverage here (April 19, 2012).