Alcohol and Pregnancy Campaign from Italy

New campaign launched on International Women’s Day

On March 8th (International Women’s Day), SIGO (the Italian Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics) and AssoBirra (the Industrial Association of Beer and Malt), with the support of the Italian Ministry of Health, launched a three week alcohol and pregnancy campaign.

The campaign also has the support of over 35 celebrities, including actresses, journalists, TV hosts, bloggers, and chefs. Each of the celebrities has written personal messages about the campaign and issue on their blogs and/or Facebook wall or created an exclusive video message.

The general message of the campaign is “If you’re expecting a baby, alcohol can wait.” According to the Beve Responsabile (Drink Responsibly) campaign website, the first “edition” of this campaign happened three years ago.

This edition focuses on young women under the age of 30. Approximately 1/3 of births in Italy are in the under 30 age group and it is believed that younger women are less aware of the effects of alcohol during pregnancy. As well, approximately 10% of young people are believed to engage in risky drinking practices.

The main campaign website  features an awareness video and sections for women and for obstetricians and gynecologists. There are links to the celebrity messages and a download area.

I’ve previously posted about another alcohol and pregnancy campaign from Treviso, Italy called “Mamma Beve, Bimbo Beve” (see Are shock tactics effective?, March 22, 2011).

On September 9, 2011 (International FASD Awareness Day), the public health unit released a new awareness video called “I do not drink, my baby does not drink.” (Through some form of Internet magic, if you watch the video with Google Translate, English subtitles appear on the video. Serious magic, I know). The video features comedy performers “I Papu” and uses a humorous approach different from anything I’ve seen in North America. The campaign also has a Facebook page.

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