Recipe Cards: Mocktails for Mom / Cartes de recettes : Cocktails sans alcool pour maman

New bilingual resource for women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy

Last year, the Best Start Resource Centre in Ontario produced an 8-page brochure, in French and English, for moms and moms-to-be. The brochures included information about alcohol use in pregnancy and a number of recipes for non-alcoholic beverages or “mocktails.” (For some random trivia, see an earlier post Who coined the term “mocktail” anyway?)

The Centre has just released perforated recipe cards for mocktails that complement the brochure. In addition to recipes, the resource contains information about the effects of alcohol during pregnancy and information about where to learn more.

The cards say:

Be Safe: Have an alcohol-free pregnancy. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause permanent birth defects and brain damage to your baby. There is no safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancy. Your baby’s brain is developing throughout pregnancy. In fact, it is best to stop drinking before you get pregnant.

This is one of the first resources I’ve seen that makes a key point of mentioning that there is no kind of alcohol that is safer than another: No safe time, No safe amount, No safe kind.

Print copies can be ordered through Best Start Resource Centre. Or, you can view and download the resource for free from here.

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