In support of a free and open internet…. is asking young women what they get out of participating in all-girl online spaces

With WordPress, Wikipedia, BoingBoing, TwitPic, and other major Internet presences going “black” today as part of anti-SOPA protests, it does make one consider the importance of the Internet in our lives. (To learn more about SOPA, you can check out this article What is SOPA?)

The Internet has certainly provided women with space to connect and speak up on issues ranging from politics to beauty to creativity. Some of the best discussions on girls, women, and alcohol that I’ve seen are happening in on-line spaces. (For example, see a recent discussion on More on why victim blaming is not a good way to prevent binge drinking). is a bilingual all-girl online space that is bringing together a growing community of young women to use media and the internet to their own advantage. Right now, as part of their efforts to make Kickaction as kicka**  as possible, they’re asking: “As a young woman, what do you get out of participating in all-girl online spaces, like Kickaction?” If you’re a young woman or know any, you can leave comments here before February 14th (and have a chance of winning an iTunes giftcard).

Kickaction is a project of the Girls Action Foundation. Visit their website to learn more about their amazing work across Canada.

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