Alcohol and Pregnancy campaign from Norway

Stylish new campaign from Norway

The Norwegian Directorate for Health has a new alcohol and pregnancy campaign which includes YouTube videos, brochures, posters, FAQs, and a series of videos with experts on alcohol and pregnancy.

The expert videos are with midwives, pediatricians and psychologists and they talk about a range of issues related to working with pregnant women and alcohol. Topics include: initiating early conversations with pregnant women about alcohol and addressing concerns of “I drank before I knew I was pregnant.” The campaign also encourages women to change their drinking habits before they get pregnant.

Many of the materials are available for free download from the website and some are available in multiple languages (e.g., Bokmål, Nynorsk, Sami, English, Polish and Spanish.)

The message at the end of the videos below translates (with the help of Google Translate) as: Give your child the best start. Do not drink alcohol during pregnancy.

I also found this article interesting (again, with the help of Google Translate). It talks about the pressures that many pregnant women experience to drink before they have told others they are pregnant. According to a survey by the Norwegian Health Directorate, 1 in 4 pregnant women find it difficult to say no to alcohol at company parties or beer on Fridays. “No thanks” apparently just doesn’t cut it.

The article offers other solutions such as accepting a glass of wine or beer and then not drinking it; saying  “no thanks” and asking for something else like a Coke; telling people that you are driving or on antibiotics; or drinking a mocktail. The article also encourages readers not to be pushy hosts themselves – if someone says ‘no’, accept it at face value, regardless of whether they are pregnant or not.

I don’t think I’ve seen such frank discussion of how alcohol is so tightly entwined into our culture and the pressures this places on many pregnant women – I like it a lot!

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