Addictions Treatment by Family Physicians in Canada

Data from the 2010 National Physician Survey

The November issue of Canadian Family Physician has some interesting fast facts on physicians who provide care for individuals struggling with addictions.

According to data from the 2010 National Physician Survey:

  • 30% of Canadian family physicians and GPs offer substance abuse care
  • 3% identifying substance abuse care as the area of focus for their practices
  • 48% of family medicine residents indicated that they intended to provide care for patients with substance abuse problems.

The table below shows the distribution of family physicians who indicated that they provided care for patients with addictions – clearly addictions issues are prevalent across populations.

You can read the full article on the Canadian Family Physician website.


No authors. (2011). Fast Facts: Addiction medicine and substance abuse care. Canadian Family Physician, 57(11): e429. Free full text available here.

One thought on “Addictions Treatment by Family Physicians in Canada

  1. My daughter has Borderline personality disorder which unknowlingly has plagued her adult life.
    She is now 53 and is now a full blown alcoholic.
    to the point of endangering her life.
    We have made coontact with Mental Health and all the resources are in place.
    Our problem is her unacceptance of her condition and refusals to
    avail herself of the help waiting for her.
    We can’t stand by and watch her kill herself but we are told unless
    she comsents to take teatment nothing can be done.

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