The National Health Service Grampian (in Scotland) released a new booklet called  Pregnancy, Parenting and Alcohol on September 9th to coincide with FASD Awareness Day. They also have developed a pamphlet on Women and Alcohol.

What I like about both these resources is that they focus on more than just alcohol and pregnancy or alcohol and various reproductive health concerns. The Pregnancy, Parenting, and Alcohol booklet discusses: Planning a pregnancy, Alcohol and pregnancy, Alcohol and parenting, and Alcohol and breastfeeding.

The Women and Alcohol brochure mentions issues ranging from weight gain and personal safety to liver disease to your period. One of the pull-out quotes states: “Being drunk makes us vulnerable. Look after each other on nights out, and make sure everyone gets home safely” which reminded me of Kate Torgovnick’s article Why Being Drunk is a Feminist Issue (June 1, 2011).