Over the summer, Statistics Canada released a couple of reports with recent data on women in Canada.

In June, Statistics Canada  released a report about shelters for women who have experienced violence or abuse. The report highlights some of the connections between experiences of violence and substance use.

  • Emotional abuse (66%) and physical abuse (53%) were the most common reasons for women to seek shelter.
  • Other reasons included the inability to find affordable housing (30%), issues related to mental health (23%), and drug and alcohol dependency (19%) (Statistics Canada, 2011, June 27).
  • Almost three-quarters of abused women with parental responsibilities had their children at the shelter with them.

In July, Statistics Canada released five chapters of the publication “Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report”. It explores the socio-demographic and economic circumstances of several groups of Canadian women (e.g., senior women, immigrant women, women who are members of a visible minority, and First Nations, Métis, and Inuit women).

The reports are available for free download in French and English.