Request from Healthy Aboriginal Network to review mother-child comic book story

The Healthy Aboriginal Network (HAN) is a non-profit organization that creates  comic books on health and social issues for youth. Comic book topics range from living with FASD to suicide awareness to smoking prevention.

The organization has developed the first draft of their comic that deals with maternal and child health. The story explores a variety of issues from the perspective of a pregnant 19 year old woman.

HAN is using YouTube to test the story outline and concept with online focus groups and to collect their feedback. If you’re interested in providing feedback, view the YouTube clip above or on the Healthy Aboriginal Network web site and e-mail Sean Muir at by the end of June 2011. (In the video, the issue of drinking during pregnancy comes up just before the 4 min mark).

The feedback will be used to develop a final draft of the comic which will be published in full colour.

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