MyDrinkaware: tool calculates calories and cost of drinking

Free on-line tool from UK organization

Drinkaware, an industry-funded alcohol awareness charity in the United Kingdom, has developed a new resource that allows users to track their drinking patterns.

The tool can be used on-line or downloaded to any phone with a web browser. According to the press release, MyDrinkaware is intended:

to help consumers better understand the effects of drinking alcohol on their health and all-round wellbeing, Drinkaware has developed MyDrinkaware – an easy-to-use online unit calculator and drink diary.

The tool provides personalised feedback on risk levels based on consumers’ alcohol consumption and shows data in units, calories and spend.  For instance, the tool equates alcohol intake into ‘burger’ equivalents – with a pint of 4% beer or two double gin and tonics comparable to around one burger.

MyDrinkaware also lets people set spending and lifestyle goals and gives tips on how to reach these.

The tool takes advantage of people’s greater awareness of nutrition, calories, and their bank accounts to encourage shifts in drinking practices.

Drinkaware aims to “promote responsible drinking and find innovative ways to challenge the national drinking culture to help reduce alcohol misuse and minimise alcohol-related harm.”

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