Is Binge Drinking a Feminist Issue?

Dirk Hanson over at The Fix comments on Kate Torgovnick’s post Girl Talk: Why Being Drunk Is A Feminist Issue (The Frisky, June 1, 2011).

Torgovnick’s article cites statistics connecting heavy drinking with violence against women and uses examples from her own experience and her acquaintances to make a case for more interest by women in changing drinking culture. She says:

The more I think about alcohol and its relationship to sexual assault, the more I am convinced that binge drinking is a feminist issue—one that young women in the U.S. need to think about in addition to more obvious issues like equal pay for equal work, better access to gynecological care, and the need for more women representing us in government.

It’s clear to me that women need to question how we play into binge drinking culture so readily. We need to learn and stick to our own alcohol limits. We need to stop equating celebration with getting blasted. We need to stop dulling upset and hurt feelings with alcohol. And perhaps most importantly, when we’re out, we need to watch out for our friends and other women who may have had too much.

Be sure to read the comments section of the post for some interesting discussion.

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