Using social media to bridge distances and form ‘communities in motion’

The Tyee has an interesting article on the widespread use of Facebook among First Nations communities and the increasing access to the Internet by remote communities. While the article focuses on politics and bridging the divide between on-reserve and off-reserve members of First Nations communities, I think it has interesting implications for health promotion, community development and action research.

According to Dr. Callison, a member of the Tahltan Nation, “The use of Facebook is pervasive among First Nations communities, and is being used in multiple ways, across all generations. Even with communities spread far and wide, there remains an incredible flow of ideas and all kinds of capital between the reserve and the city, forming ‘communities in motion.’ And Facebook provides one conduit for that.”

Read the article ‘Number One Tool’ for First Nations? Facebook (Andreas Krebs, May 30, 2011) on The Tyee web site.