Training videos on FASD for foster parents

The Washington State Department of Social Services and the Foster Parent Training Institute has a series of videos intended for foster parents on FASD.

The video below features Carolyn Hartness and Julie Gelo. Julie Gelo, a foster and adoptive parent, is a co-trainer with the Foster Parent Institute.  Carolyn Hartness, a member of the Governor’s Commission on Indian Affairs, is an advocate and educator with many years of experience with FAS.

If you attended the 4th International FASD conference in March 2011, you may have seen Carolyn Hartness present. You can visit her web site Seventh Generation to learn more about her work and to download a number of resources, including A Training Manual for Trainers: Alcohol and the Fetus. Below is a short video clip of Carolyn speaking at a conference earlier this year in Juneau, Alaska called “They just don’t get it.”

To learn more about Julie Gelo, check out an article on the NOFAS web site here.