FASD: Is it a Government Plot?

Physician addresses misapprehensions about alcohol use during pregnancy

You may want to check out this post by Psychology Today blogger, Ira J. Chasnoff, called FAS: Is it a government plot? How much alcohol is safe to drink during pregnancy?

He describes a recent experience with an obstetrician who viewed the issue of alcohol during pregnancy as  “another government attempt to invade physicians’ private practices and women’s private lives.” He describes how the UK study published last fall also had a huge impact on physicians and, in some cases, increased ambivalence about addressing alcohol use during pregnancy.

See previous posts Study Stirs Up Public Uncertainty and Media Discussion (October 6, 2010) and Experts respond to UK study on acceptability of light drinking during pregnancy (October 7, 2010) for more background on the UK study.

See “It should be between her and her doctor – not anybody else” (April 18, 2011) for more on the interpretation of best practice clinical guidelines by individual physicians.

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