FASD Publications from the Public Health Agency of Canada

Three recent publications available from Public Health Agency of Canada’s FASD Initiative

Visit the Public Health Agency of Canada web site to learn more about these publications and to find information about downloading or ordering them free of charge.

Early primary school outcomes associated with maternal use of alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy and with exposure to parent alcohol and tobacco use postnatally examines relationships between prenatal and early childhood exposure to alcohol and tobacco separately and in combination on developmental outcomes in young children over the first four years of primary school.

An Inventory of Education and Training Programs: FASD and the Judicial/Criminal Justice System provides information on FASD-related training programs specifically tailored to and/or available to police officers, RCMP officers, corrections officers, lawyers, court workers, and social workers/psychologists.

Assessment and Diagnosis of FASD Among Adults: A National and International Systematic Review presents an overview of the existing Canadian and International literature on the diagnosis and assessment of adults for the impact of prenatal exposure to alcohol.

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