Sterilization as a prevention strategy. Really??

 The Fix has an interesting and rather horrifying piece on a “charitable” organization that is encouraging and paying women who are addicted to drugs and alcohol to get sterilized (See “Charity” Pays Thousands of Addicts to Get Sterilized, April 20, 2011). Project Prevention pays women $300 to be “responsible” and get sterilized. The goal of the organization is to “reduce the number of substance-exposed births to zero.”

I first read about efforts to encourage women with addictions to get sterilised in February when Denmark’s health minister discussed waiving the fee for sterilization for “vulnerable groups” as the cost of sterilization would cost society considerably less than women giving birth to “deformed babies.” (See Minister calls for free sterilisation for addicts, February 25, 2011).

Project Prevention has now spread from the US to the UK and has received allegations of being a form of eugenics. If the shoe fits?