Sam’s Bear: A children’s storybook that raises awareness of brain development and FASD

Explaining the impact of substance abuse to children and their parents

The National Indian and Inuit Community Health Representatives Organization has developed a picture book story for 5-8 year olds about substance use during pregnancy and brain development.

It combines storytelling with science and includes a guide on brain development for caregivers and parents. Available in French and English, it  may be a valuable tool for First Nation & Inuit health workers (CHRs, CHNs, NADAP Workers), Child & Family Services, Child welfare system, Foster families, School Boards, and Correctional Services.

The organization has just received funding from Health Canada for a second printing. You can order a copy from the Resource section of their web site.

4 thoughts on “Sam’s Bear: A children’s storybook that raises awareness of brain development and FASD

  1. It may be worthwhile looking at the WE ARE POWERFUL children’s book series from Wildberry productions. They have a book on FASD and others on the co-morbidities as well. The series is for children from 4 to 12 years of age and the website has educational materials for teachers to use in association with the various books.

    • I’m sorry but we have not been able to find out how to order this book now that this link is no longer valid. If anyone has information, please let us know.

  2. Where can I purchase a copy of the book Sam’s Bear by Merryl Hammond? The link is not working from this site

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