Why would she drink? Winnipeg Free Press articles explore drinking during pregnancy

Winnipeg Free Press continues with coverage of FASD

“Why pregnant women drink, even when they know booze damages babies, is one of the toughest questions facing FASD experts. In most cases, birth mothers of kids with FASD either simply didn’t know they were pregnant or are chronic alcoholics who come from a life of abuse, poverty and mental illness. Often they come from generations of alcohol abuse and have FASD themselves and simply can’t see the effects of their actions. As one FASD advocate said, they sometimes continue to have babies thinking eventually they’ll be allowed to keep one.

Some FASD experts are even rethinking the oft-heard catch phrase “FASD is 100 per cent preventable” because it offers a facile fix for a complex mess of issues. It also puts the onus only on women for causing and preventing FASD. It does nothing to recognize the roles and responsibilities of fathers, the need for community support or even the reasons a woman might drink, such as escaping years of abuse and isolation.”

The excerpt above is from an article published last week in the Winnipeg Free Press called “Why would she drink? Abused, addicted, or didn’t know she was pregnant” (April 2, 2011). It’s good to see the media take a deeper look at some of the broader issues that influence alcohol use during pregnancy. Other stories you might want to check out:

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