New commentary available from US advocacy organization Faces and Voices of Recovery

Research on parenting and addictions tends to focus either on describing the causes and consequences of addictions in the context of parenting or evaluating various interventions. To date, there is considerably less research available on understanding parenting as a treatment and recovery support issue.

This paper identifies research questions of concern to parents in recovery, parents of recovering adolescents, and addiction professionals and recovery support specialists interested in parent-focused interventions within the treatment and post-treatment recovery support process. It is the fifth paper in a series of papers advocating the development of a national recovery research agenda.

You can view and download the paper on the Faces and Voices of Recovery web site or the site of William L. White, author of Slaying the Dragon – The History of Addiction Treatment and Recovery in America and numerous other books and papers.


White, W., Arria, A. & Moe, J. (2011). Parenting in the context of addiction recovery: Critical research questions. Posted at and