Webcast on how girls’ empowerment groups can adddress heavy alcohol use

Learn about strategies for addressing heavy alcohol use in girls and young women

If you work with girls and young women, you might be interested in this upcoming webcast on strategies for directly and indirectly addressing heavy alcohol use.

On March 24th, Nancy Poole and Ginny Gonneau from the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health will share research on:

  • current trends in binge drinking by girls and young women,
  • key influences on girls’ alcohol use,
  • girl-specific health impacts of early and heavy alcohol use, and
  • resources that may useful in your health promotion/ prevention work.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss how/if prevention of heavy alcohol use among girls is/might be incorporated in your programming.

Registration is required for this free webcast event (registration deadline is March 10th). Click here for more information or to download the flyer.

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