Look for us at the 4th International Conference on FASD, March 2-5, 2011

The 4th International Conference on FASD is fast approaching!

The 4th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: The Power of Knowledge: Integrating Research, Policy, and Promising Practice Around the World will be held March 2-5, 2011 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Our Network Action Team will be presenting on our work in a number of forms over the four days of this jam-packed event.

All members of the public as well as conference attendees are invited to an interactive evening presentation on Thursday, March 3, 2011 at the Westin Bayshore at 7pm. The session is entitled Preventing FASD by Addressing Social Determinants of Women’s Health and will focus on approaches to supporting pregnant women and mothers who are struggling with substance use problems.

During the conference, there will be a breakout session highlighting the work of our Network Action Team on Saturday morning at 11am (The Power of Networking – Highlights of the Work of the Network Action Team on FASD Prevention from a Women’s Health Determinants Perspective). Other members of our NAT will be presenting throughout the conference, including several presentations on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning:

  • The FASD Community of Practice Research Project in Alberta Children’s Services: A Research and Demonstration Project (Dorothy E Badry, William Pelech, Denise Milne)
  • Substance Using Women with FASD and FASD Prevention: Promising Practices for Substance Use Treatment and Care (Deborah Rutman)
  • Home Visiting Strategies for Working Effectively with First Nations Families (Hanna M Scrivens, Lisa M Wilson, Rita Marshall, Arlene White)
  • Virtual Communities as Locations for Discussion and Action on Substance Use Treatment for First Nations and Inuit Women (Nancy Poole)
  • “Our Children are Precious” Mental Health and Aboriginal Children With FASD (Marilyn Van Bibber)

Lastly, the Canada Northwest Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Partnership is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and is hosting a breakfast buffet for conference participants on Saturday morning.

Learn more about the conference here.

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