Looking for some holiday reading?

Books by Elizabeth Russell available for free download

Just in case you’re looking for something to read about FASD over the holidays, I thought I would mention that Elizabeth Russell has made her three books on FASD available for free download from her web site. Elizabeth Russell is a recovering alcoholic who in 2001 found that her addiction had physically harmed her two sons. Since then, she has written three books on the subject of FASD. You can learn more about each of these books from her web site, but, briefly:

Alcohol and Pregnancy: A Mother’s Responsible Disturbance

An account of how prenatal alcohol exposure can have dramatic affects on children’s health and wellbeing. Russell outlines her struggle to obtain an accurate diagnosis and the resultant strategies that assisted her sons to achieve their potential.

Alcohol and Pregnancy: No Blame – No Shame!

Russell says: “One of the reasons I wrote this and my first book was so my boys would know how they got here, through what twists and turns of fate and human intervention they grew to be the men they are with the experiences they have had…The other reason I wrote this book is to ensure that I have done everything I can to help other people avoid the pain, heartache and physical difficulties my children must live with now for the remainder of their lives.” Along with a short history of the author and her family it explores how prenatal alcohol exposure has affected the lives of sixteen Australians.

Strategies for Employment Service Specialists

This book was written for Case Managers or Consultants in the employment services industry who work with individuals suffering from the symptoms and characteristics of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

All three of these books can be download  as a free PDF from http://www.elizabethrussell.com.

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