Mariah Carey drinks alcohol on-stage as a way of further denying pregnancy rumours

Last week, in my web wanderings, I bumped into a couple of articles on the latest activities of pop chanteuse, Mariah Carey. According to these sources, Carey drank champagne on-stage while performing in Singapore last week. Carey has a history of denying pregnancy rumours and responding to the press regarding weight gain. Apparently, drinking champagne on-stage was another way for Carey to dispel rumours about being pregnant.

I thought it was an interesting comment on social norms about drinking alcohol during pregnancy in certain social groups – in this case, the Hollywood celebrity group. I know that in some social circles that I’m a part of that a woman not drinking at a party will raise speculation about whether she’s pregnant – e.g., “Hey, did you notice that Jane didn’t drink any wine tonight? I wonder if she’s pregnant or trying to get pregnant?”

Perhaps this is another twist on the social acceptability of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Of course, if it does turn out that Mariah Carey is indeed pregnant, I’m sure this will lead to a different kind of conversation, e.g., her suitability as a role model, whether drinking moderately during pregnancy is okay, etc., etc.

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