FASD Initiatives in Western Australia

I had the privilege to hear June Councillor speak this morning at the BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health during her visit to Vancouver, BC.

June is the Principal Indigenous Liaison Officer for the Ombudsman Western Australia. She currently lives in Perth and comes from the Pilbara region in Western Australia. June has a wealth of experience working with Aboriginal communities in a health and social services setting. In the past few years, her work has led her to learning more about FASD and engaging Aboriginal communities in learning about and addressing this issue.

June currently has a fellowship from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust in Australia which has provided her with the opportunity to travel to the United States and Canada to learn about initiatives, successes, and best practices related to FASD. Her fellowship focuses on the impact of prenatal alcohol exposure on parenting, especially in Aboriginal communities. At the end of her fellowship, June will return to Australia to share what she has learned with others and to inform her future work.

June was accompanied by her husband who has worked in child protection for over 25 years. He shared with us valuable ideas around engaging fathers in existing parenting programs.

After her visit to Vancouver, June heads to Nanaimo, Victoria, and then to Winnipeg. Good luck on your journey, June, and thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with us.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting information about the organizations, initiatives, and programs in Australia related to FASD prevention that June shared with us. Stay tuned!

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