Suzanne Tough from the University of Calgary and the Alberta Centre for Child, Family & Community Research, recently gave a presentation at the Canadian Public Health Association Conference (June 13-16, 2010) on strategies for improving Aboriginal child well-being.

The presentation, entitled “Expedited Approach to Disseminating Evidence to Policy Maker in Order to Improve Aboriginal Child Health and Well-Being in Canada,” described the research team’s process, starting with stakeholder input and ending with dissemination to local and national stakeholders. Suzanne used interventions during the prenatal period to illustrate this process. In particular, she described the possibilities that midwifery might provide for Aboriginal women.

The final report, Call to Action: Improving First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Maternal and Child Health in Canada, also describes recommendations in the areas of sexual health & wellbeing, postpartum and parenting, child and youth leadership and development and community strategies. A four-page culturally aligned, plain language summary of the report is also available on the Alberta Centre for Child, Family & Community Research web site.